Ernani Costantini
Venice 12/02/1922-23/12/2007

Ernani Costantini was born in Venice in 1922 and spent almost his whole life there until his death in 2007.
He graduated from the Carmini School of Art in Venice in 1942 having attended courses taught by Ercole Sibellato, Mario Disertori, Giorgio Wenter Marini and Giulio Lorenzetti.
During World War II, he saw action in the Italian Campaign as a volunteer soldier in a unit attached to the US Fifth Army.
During the difficult post-war years he found employment first as a 'manual painter' working on scenery for the Scalera Film company at their studios on Giudecca island, and later for the Venice Water Authority (Magistrato delle Acque).
In 1950 he married Lina and they subsequently had two sons: Christiano and Giovanni.
The year before his marriage he had passed the selection process to become an art teacher and had had to move to Vittorio Veneto. In 1953 he returned to Venice permanently where he was able to devote himself more and more intensely to his artwork.
Since 1952 over seventy personal exhibitions of his work have been held and over the years he received numerous prizes and awards.
He also worked extensively in the field of Religious Art, and completed over forty commissioned works such as the extended mural paintings at Sacca Fisola, Altobello and Marghera and several complete cycles of the Way of the Cross.
He had many articles published and since 1990, also four novels.

  Ernani Costantini photo by Sergio Sutto

(ph. S. Sutto ©)
  © Famiglia Costantini