1965-1980: searching for spirituality  
medlar branch in a glass bottle       The Medlar branch from G.’s garden, 1968
still life with olive branch   The Olive Branch, 1968
still life with plants and fluttering courtain       Tango, 1970
still life with clementine branch
The Clementines, 1971
  This period saw the development of a strong need to understand, and subsequently express through painting, the ideas suggested by spiritual, poetic and sentimental experience.
Painting then as a tool to express a human content with great sincerity and a deep sense of reality.

Ernani confirmed his status as a free and authentic painter, typically Venetian in his colour preferences, and in the simple joy in expressing himself through colour, which added momentum to his innovation …
Lina, 1972
  portrait of the wife  
    The underlying theme which from this point onwards would become peculiar to Ernani was essentially one: the rediscovery of spirituality in each everyday object.  
girl sitting
Portrait of Grazia, 1973
  At first, it was almost a reduction in the boundaries of the image. The painter preferred small, humble subjects: intimist moments of geniality. Then as the years went by, backgrounds become more definitive, the objects more defined, almost embroidered.

There is in reality, an element of Zen in the paintings of the seventies: a floating of memory in spaces which are no longer physical. Clear cut, absolute layers dominate: on their inside the object (including figures) is interweaved with precise patterns which emphasise its immanent quality, with a presence above and beyond time and space.

The female figure is also seen in this way; even in portraits. Everything is done to ‘communicate', not to ‘represent'; and everything leads to the sign of a Divine Love which transcends the same terrestrial contingent.

red folding chair with green apples       The red chair, 1972
still life with persimmons, basket and plant shadow   The persimmon basket, 1971
dancer sitting       Ballerina posing, 1975
girl standing       Girl, 1975
The cousins, 1975
  girls double portrait  
  © Famiglia Costantini