1980-2007: intellectual and spiritual independence  
people and fruit and fish stands at Rialto market       In Rialto, 1987-88
people at vaporetto stop   Comings and goings on the landing-stage…, 1987
girls white dressed       The Marys, 1991
view of st mark basin, venice   St. Mark's Basin, 2005
cedar tree
Majestic as the cedars…, 1980
  Ernani no longer worried about formal, intellectual, cultural or stylistic issues.   The painter faced his work with the simple aim of painting well, correctly and pleasurably; in the hope that people would understand the spiritual journey intrinsic in his works.

The themes of his paintings were those which came to mind from time to time or which he felt like committing to canvas; in addition to those imposed by religious or private commissions.

During this period he devoted himself to the creation of large themed cycles of paintings, with a strong spiritual element even when a religious subject or conventional religious reference was not immediately apparent, and these cycles were the subject of his exhibitions: Il cantico dei cantici (The canticle of canticles), Da Eva a Maria - Le Donne della Bibbia (From Eve to Mary - The women of the Bible), Veneto Cristiano (Christian Veneto), Vivere a Venezia (Living in Venice)
Dora Markus in Venice, 1996
  young woman sitting at coffeshop in venice  
The pomegranates, 2001
  still life with pomegranates  
  © Famiglia Costantini